Tennis Court Resurfacing Vs Proper Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Resurfacing is certainly the most common application and procedure of refurbishing an old, worn out, compromised or tear-ridden court surface. This is an essential component to achieving maximum aesthetic impact, as well as, proper resale value for any courts that are to be put on the market. The method involves examining the entire court for high spots, low spots, cracks, unevenness, and other inconsistencies that could detract from the playing experience. A professional tennis instructor will usually perform an inspection prior to the start of any court work. If there are visual issues or concerns, it is important to work immediately with a skilled tennis renovation company. This is the best way to prevent further wear and tear that could ultimately cost much more in the long run.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

The next step involves choosing and purchasing the proper surfacing material. Many tennis court resurfacing companies utilize a rubberized epoxy resins for the majority of their refinishing projects. These resins are highly durable, offering a premium finish and unbelievable resistance to wear and tear. However, one must be careful not to choose inferior quality resins, as the same exact products can present a poor return on investment by becoming too heavy or porous upon heavy use. It is best to seek out the top brands to ensure that you are purchasing the best materials for your particular project.

Next, you will need to select the appropriate methods for repairing the cracks or inconsistencies that exist. Some homeowners prefer to repair large cracks themselves, while others opt for a more extensive renovation project. If you have a large area that requires repair, you may want to contact a professional company to complete the job. If you are looking for smaller areas, consider hiring a local company to perform the repairs. The type of work and time involved should be carefully evaluated before deciding which route to take.

Perhaps the most popular method of fixing cracks in tennis court resurfacing is with plastic tiles. Though this is a popular choice, there are several reasons it is less preferred than some other options. One major pitfall of installing plastic tiles is that they are easily stained by liquids. This can result in not just physical damage, but also discoloration. If you are trying to reface a large crack, or create a brand new look, you may want to try a different method, such as using concrete mix.

Concrete surfacing is a great option if you have cracked surfaces, and the only problem associated with it is that it can be very expensive. This type of maintenance involves applying thick amounts of concrete mix on the affected surface, leaving it to dry for several hours. The next step involves scraping off the concrete and then filling it back into the floor through tiny holes. After the concrete has dried overnight, it is time to repeat the process until the cracks are no longer visible. Many homeowners prefer to use concrete surface repair services for their tennis court resurfacing needs, because they are much more affordable than professional services.

Of course, there are homeowners who have issues with their tennis courts, but have no choice but to install replacement tennis courts. However, installing a solid top surface will make your investment last for many years, rather than just a few months. Other homeowners prefer to repair cracks in tennis courts, or even basketball courts, themselves. Homeowners may choose to install vinyl over asphalt, for example, in order to save money. Repairing cracks in tennis courts, or basketball courts is a great way to make these structures last for a long time and keep them looking fresh.

If you decide to repair cracks in tennis courts, or any other part of your building, you can still find some value in your investment by investing in acrylic tennis court surfaces. These types of surface protect the structure while also adding color to the overall appearance of the playing surface. By purchasing an acrylic surface, you will receive the best possible protection for your investment while still adding value to it as well.

Regardless of which option you choose for your home, it is important that you select the right one. Many homeowners think about having the tennis courts resurfaced professionally, but you may be surprised at how affordable it can be to install the color coatings yourself. Most importantly, when you get involved with proper tennis court maintenance, you will increase the value of your home. Many homeowners who take part in proper tennis court maintenance find that their courts have improved wear and tear sooner than homeowners who do not follow the right practices.

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