Artificial Turf Cost – Factors to Consider

There’s a popular misconception that having artificial turf is prohibitively costly. But here to tell you: it’s not at all! Artificial turf, particularly turf that’s been manufactured using high-density polyethylene fibers, is surprisingly affordable. In fact, it’s more affordable than most of the other types of sports turf on the market today, with comparable prices and even better warranties. Here are a few tips for saving money on artificial turf:

Artificial Turf Cost – If you’ve only looked at quotes for installing real natural grass, you’ve probably noticed that the costs can be astronomical. Not so with synthetic grass, which is often installed in yards at a fraction of the price of natural grass. Artificial turf cost is calculated as a percentage of the square footage of the yard and is based on square footage and lot square footage sold. So if your yard is only a half-acre or less, then the synthetic grass installation may actually be less expensive over time.

Artificial Turf Cost – What about installing artificial turf for recreational use? You can expect to pay a few thousand dollars in initial fees, which will go down as the years go by and the number of years you use the field. But again, the synthetic grass installation is more affordable than most lawn maintenance products, even when purchasing commercial grade brands, which can cost in the thousands of dollars. In fact, artificial residential turf cost is usually less than a tenth of what commercial brands would cost for the same square footage.

Artificial Turf Cost – Even though synthetic grass is cheaper than natural grass, it does have its drawbacks. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it requires continuous mowing throughout the season. If you use standard grass and mow it less than once a week, then you can expect to save a lot of money on maintenance. With that said, many people who use artificial turf choose to keep it clean-cut, with no residue or dead grass on the blades, just as they would with natural grass. In order to keep the blades clear and even, regular use of a high-pressure sprayer is required.

Artificial Turf Cost – With all the choices, the final price can get overwhelming. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing artificial turf, whether it is for a business or for home use, is the initial investment. While many companies claim that their product is the lowest, it may not be true when the costs of labor and materials are included. Typically, the upfront, artificial turf cost is around 10% of the total cost of installing the product. Nylon grass and polypropylene grass are both low maintenance products, but the total cost of installation can be up to three times more for either type.

On the other hand, some artificial grass companies offer installation, mowing, and fertilization for free, with extra services available upon request. Some companies also offer the service of installing a permeable membrane beneath the turf, to prevent water from seeping underneath. Many also offer the service of grading, which is necessary to smooth out the area of the flower bed to reduce issues with compacting of the dirt.

The biggest artificial turf cost is probably the cost of buying the sod. It can be several hundred dollars, depending on the specific brand you choose, the size of your yard, and the amount of maintenance you plan to do. The good news is that synthetic grass doesn’t need much maintenance, other than some watering, fertilizing, and removing weeds each year. Some companies offer special programs that include fertilizer, weed killers, and more, for no additional charge. With most packages, an annual maintenance plan is included.

When you factor in the installation cost, the total comes to about $500 per square foot, although this may vary depending on the brand you choose and the size of your yard. You may also have to hire a professional installation crew to put it down for you, depending on where you live. Finally, depending on how you use your area, you will probably need to pay for the services of electricians, lawn care experts, and so forth. This may be a bit higher, but not all artificial turf companies offer this.

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