Why to opt for decking in Garden?

A deck is an elevated platform from the ground which serves the purpose of a floor and is structurally sound to support additional weight outdoors. Generally built in the backyards or gardens, decking is a great place to socialize, dine, wine and relax. It is a transitional link between the indoors and the outdoor spaces. The access to the deck is usually via a doorway connected to the main house or through a separately attached stairway.

The major reason behind decking is to add a value to an unsightly or cover up an unusable terrain. Using various design techniques, decking can be used to overcome the uneven areas by building certain levels or steps. It magnifies the living area and contributes a good deal of property value. Taking into consideration the safety issues, railings can be put around the decking space. Pergolas and canopies can be used to wield the sunlight. Hanging baskets or plantings can also be done around the construction to make the place look more welcoming and create a soothing ambience. In a lucid manner, decking turns a bland looking area into an eye pleasing one.

Market is flooded with a wide range of decking materials like wood, PVC, aluminium and composites. Composite is an emulation of the wood composed of plastic and wooden fibre. The most alluring feature of composite is its resistance to temperature and moisture variations. It neither cracks nor warps and thus requires minimal maintenance. It can be efficiently cleaned with soap solution and does not require any staining or painting. Polyvinyl decking adapts easily and is chosen as a substitute by people for its low cost, strength and little upkeeps. Metal is a desirable choice for multi-level decks and balcony. The planks are interlocked in a manner to provide a watertight surface. Aluminium is an eco-friendly and maintenance free alternative.

Maintenance of Wooden Decking  

Wood is an ideal decking material owing to its strength and greater durability. It offers a traditional rustic look naturally. Its versatility allows you to achieve a rural or contemporary look with ease. Pressure treated softwoods are economical but are less resilient whereas hardwoods such as balau, teak, lapacho, iroko and ipe prove to be a longer investment. Pressure washers must be used to clean the deck once a year. A dilute bleach solution is usually employed to avert the growth of algae on wet deck surfaces. Sitting the decks in a sun exposed area of the garden will help it dry quick and keep the fungal decay at bay. It is recommended to oil the timber in order to keep its color intact for a longer period of time.

Price Guide to Decking

Practically, a decking serves a great purpose for barbecues and summer events. The end cost of decking is determined by an array of large number of factors such as the type of wood, professionals being hired, space and size of the decking area. Softwood decking prices may vary per square metre while hardwood is more expensive. Composite decking is easier to install and meets the budget well. These are non-slippery in nature and highly weather resistant. Hiring accredited decking contractors ensure a safe and quality installation. An accurate measure of the space paves way for an even coloration of the deck. Keep an eye out for certified sources for procuring the timber wood.

Thus decking is an appreciable idea to enhance the décor and look of outdoor space.