Stone Gardens: Planing and Creating Your Own

For centuries, the Japanese Zen Buddhists have created stone gardens for meditation. They carefully placed pebbles, rocks and boulders in a peaceful arrangement that help to harmonize humans with nature. Through the selection of certain plants and substrates, they were able to create a space that was low maintenance yet attractive; both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Thinking of creating  a stone garden?
It is possible to recreate the unity and harmony found in the ancient stone gardens right in your own backyard. Many homeowners design rock gardens to take advantage of the existing landscape. Certain areas that mandate low water usage can benefit from plants that require little watering.

You may wish to decorate a large open area for a natural looking stone garden or dedicate a small area in the front yard for a waterfall. Start with a few sketches to determine the desired pattern and shape. Keep in mind that stone gardens should be laid out in full sunlight. Many homeowners choose the sloping terrain in their yard because it’s easy to create that natural look and is easy to maintain. Of course, flat areas can work as well; you will just be building the shapes from scratch.

There is no shortage of places to get attractive substrates in Melbourne. You can choose from a wide selection of shapes for your stone garden. Many local nurseries and gravel pits sell the substrates you’ll need. Depending on where you live, you may have neighbors or local farmers who will be glad to sell you their stones.

Let’s face it, we all aren’t artists and master landscapers. Sometimes after putting in all the work, sweat and blood into a project, it turns out to be less attractive than we expected. Sometimes it’s a matter of not having the right tools or honestly, the talent for the ideas we dream up. That shouldn’t stop a homeowner who has a vision from seeing it through.

Building a stone garden can take a lot of planning. Contact a local landscaper to help with the practical aspects of laying out the design. They will often help in smoothing out the rough edges or troubleshooting a difficult aspect of the project. A local Melbourne landscape designer can also help in procuring the proper substrates and plants for the project.

When building your stone garden with the help of a local landscape designer you might discover unforeseen details such as minimizing maintenance or maximizing the irrigation system. Having experienced help on the project tends to make it go a lot smoother. Sometimes having that extra pair of eyes or hands can make all the difference between success and failure.

Another area to consider when planning a stone garden is maintenance. There are certain tips and tricks to keeping weeds out of a rock garden without damaging the existing plants. Plant nurseries often supply natural weed killers such as white vinegar and may offer other biodegradable alternatives. If you feel a strong desire to have a stone garden, contact your local landscape designer for some practical ideas. While building your stone garden like us if you are based in Melbourne, Tilefix Port Melbourne is an excellent service provider for outdoor tiles in Melbourne. Visit their website for the latest specials in tiles.