Know how you can grow edible plants in landscaping gardening

If you have a garden at your home, then having landscaping done can be the best thing to make it look beautiful and stunning. These landscaped areas can be again decorated well with grasses and also some flower pots. But many people do not know that here also flowers bearing and fruit bearing plants and shrubs can also be grown without any difficulty. Landscaped areas can be used as both looks and also for providing your productive results. If not big and heavy trees but some of the plants and shrubs can definitely rise here that can offer you productive results.

Flowers of various types

Now this is quite common, and you must have seen at a few places also of how people experiment with different flowers on their landscaped areas. Though some stick to small shrubs of primroses, others dare to grow various other plants that can yield other flowers.

You can select patterns from your landscaped area and then can arrange the flowers on them. If you have a long, thin area, then you can arrange plants of two flowers one after another in several lots. For example if you have thought of growing marigold and roses, then you can plant marigold then rose, then again marigold and then again rose and continue till the end.

You can experiment more if you have steps pattern in the landscaping area. You can add different flowers at different steps, and when they grow up, you can have an amazing view of the same.

Fruits of various types

Have you thought that you can grow fruits on your landscaped area? Yes, you can. Obviously if will grow big trees then this will totally hide the landscaping but you can stick to shrubs and small plants. You can grow fruits shrubs like grapes and berries.

If you are sticking to only growing grapes, then you can grow two alternative colors of green and black. Again if you are sticking to grow berries, then you can go for various combinations such as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. There are people who grow many of these fruits together to make their landscaped steps look beautiful and colorful.

Nuts of various types

So, the list is not finished yet. You can also grow a number of nuts on your landscaped area apart from flowers and fruits. These shrubs are good to look at and can yield a high amount of nuts such as walnuts and hazelnuts. The best thing about these shrubs is that they grow really very fast, and thus you can enjoy your favorite nuts quite soon after you have planted them.

If you are trying to grow flowers, fruits and nuts on your landscaped land in the garden, there also there are a number of precautions that you need to follow to make it a successful experiment. Shrubs will grow fast and will spread fast especially when the flowers and fruits start growing. You have to trim regularly the leaves so that the landscaped can be viewed. Also install wires in between to keep different plants from crossing each other’s boundaries.

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